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Topographical and Land Survey in Plymouth

Topographical and Land Survey in Plymouth

Receive scaled 2D drawings of property, land features and physical boundary details from our reliable topographical surveys in Plymouth. We deliver high quality 2D plans as well as 3D models, showing all manmade and natural features.

Why Our Services?

Highly Efficient Service

Depending on the visibility of the site terrain features, we use GPS, Total station, or 3D Laser Scanners to produce accurate deliverables from Topographical and land surveys.

Accurate Deliverables

Receive faultless 2D drawings and 3D Models from our accurate topographical surveys to help you detect, with great accuracy, all the site features within the area of interest.

Reduced Error

Plymouth Measured Survey uses the most advanced equipment to deliver your 3D Laser Scanning services. Rely on our as-built 2D drawings and 3D Models with minimal or no errors.

Cost Saving

Our precise and accurate laser scanning services provide reliable deliverables, ensuring cost and time savings in the process of your building project. We guarantee quality results, no matter the site limitations or restrictions.

Trusted Topographical Surveys in Plymouth

Our topographical surveys ensure detailed representation of the area specified through 2D Drawings and 3D Models. Our 3D Laser Scanning equipment, including Total Station, GPS and 3D Laser Scanners provide precise and trusted data of all the onsite terrain features.

Why Choose Our Plymouth’s Topographical Surveys?

Plymouth Measured Survey use the latest 3dD Laser Scanning technology, capable of capturing information of all manmade and natural features with levels within a site; no matter the limitations or restrictions. Architects, engineers, estate and facility managers and construction companies will receive unmatched results through our topographical and land surveys.


Request a Topographical Survey now!

Plymouth’s measured building survey company is ready to provide you with a range of professional services to fit your project requirements and specification. Book a topographical survey today for a cost-effective result.

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