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Scan to 3D BIM Models in Plymouth

Scan to 3D BIM Models

3D modelled buildings can easily be analysed and optimised for performance. You can also coordinate on planning, design and construction of the building. Plymouth’s Measured Survey company, using 3D laser scanning technology, provides 3D BIM Models for use in architecture, engineering and construction works.

Why Our Services?

Professional Collaboration

Receive our 3D BIM Model Services for smooth architectural, construction and engineering collaborations and communication.

Analysis and Optimisation

Our 3D Modelled buildings can be analysed and optimised for better performance. We use Revit Software to deliver reliable 3D BIM Models.

Cost-effective Services

We provide photorealistic renderings and animations through our cost-effective measured building surveys and 3D Laser scanning services across Plymouth.

Easy Access of Data and Management

Our 3D BIM Models ensure easy access to data, enhancing operation and management of an existing building or site project. Receive our 3D BIM Models to facilitate completion of your building/site project.

Reliable 3D BIM Revit Models in Plymouth

Our site measured building surveys produce superb and reliable Building Information Modelling that allows efficient use by clients in planning and designing an architectural and construction site. Rely on accurate and detailed 3D models in LOD3 or LOD4, Plymouth Measured Survey will produce as-built models showing an existing replication of your building project.

Quality 3D Models

Plymouth Measured Survey employs the latest 3D Laser Scanning technology, producing quality and accurate 3D Revit Models with your required level of detail. We process 3D point cloud from our measured building surveys to produce 3D BIM Models, providing virtual reality experience.


Receive Trusted 3D Models today!

Rely on our trusted and cost-effective laser scanning services to complete your building or site project using complex 3D information of measured objects. Complete your survey services using our latest 3D Laser scanning technology, trusted by hundreds of clients.

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