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What is a 3D Point Cloud, and how is it used?

What is a Point Cloud?

A point cloud is a 3D digital representation of a space or a physical object in a 3D coordinate system. A 3D point cloud data provides an accurate digital record of a physical object. The generated data in a point cloud survey produces efficient 3D meshes and other 3D modelling for use in engineering, 3D gaming, architecture, medical imaging, virtual reality (VR), and more.

Each data point may include RGB colour data, or intensity information, depending on the type of sensors used, and the method of collecting the point clouds. The data shows the strength of the returning laser pulse that produced the point.

3D Laser Scanners to generate a Point Cloud

Our measured surveyors in Plymouth utilise a lidar sensor that captures thousands of accurate data using rapid laser pulses. Many laser scanners incorporate an RGB camera to add colour to the point cloud. Today, different types of laser scanners are available in the market; each type designed for a specific application. You need a terrestrial laser scanner, for instance, to produce point clouds with high accuracy for a specialised application, such as analysing floor flatness, measuring beam deflection, or capturing a single object like a car.

A mobile laser scanner with up to 4mm accuracy will help capture point clouds as one walks. Since they have high speed, the scanners are useful for documenting most building projects as they help reduce costs.

Various laser scanners are available in the market for use in different applications, depending on a client’s need; including capturing objects, roadways, or railways, and producing wide-area topographic maps.

How to use Point Cloud:

    • Plans

These data sets provide the fastest and the most accurate means of generating floor plans for a structure than using survey tools such as total stations or laser distos.

      • Models

Our laser scanning company generates efficient point clouds to make a building information model (BIM) of your assets in Plymouth. Our point cloud offers the needed raw spatial data for the creation of a new building information model or update an existing model. In this manner, it is easier to compare the “as-is” conditions of a building against “as-designed” to check for any anomalies.

      • Construction Progress Tracking

When point cloud is captured regularly in the process of a building construction, the obtained data helps keep track of the completed work, when it is completed, and where.

      • Digital Twins

A point cloud can help in the creation of an operational 3D model of the asset (digital twin). The model has a symbiotic relationship with the asset enabled by various internet of things (IoT) sensors.
The symbiotic relationship means that the digital twin, like BIM models, can be an important tool for monitoring, analysis, control, and simulation purposes, or reviewing information about an asset.

Our Point Cloud Survey

Plymouth Measured Survey has a competent team of surveyors with years of experience in measured building survey and point cloud survey. Hundreds of clients from industries and professionals rely on our latest 3D laser scanning technology for reliable point cloud for use in their project development, planning, archiving and quality control. Our point cloud data is delivered in formats such as FLS, E57, RCP, or PTS and/or accurate 2D CAD drawings and 3D models.

Book in your Project

For all your point cloud surveys, contact our measured building survey professionals in Plymouth for reliable and accurate survey services.

Author: Sonia
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